Saturday, January 30, 2010

IPL Cricket Live Streaming on Google's YouTube

IPL on YouTube

Presided by Lalit Modi, the Indian Premier League is a twenty - twenty cricket tournament between eight competing teams. The IPL was created by the BCCI and held its first tournament in 2008. Following the its grand success in 2008, the IPL 2009 was organized in South Africa due to lack of security available in India on account of Parliamentary Elections. The format for both the seasons remained unchanged. Currently the 2010 IPL is scheduled for March 12, 2010. The tournament will run for 45 days and will be held in India. Ahemdabad, vishakapatnam, Dharmasala and Nagpur are few of the new venues for the tournament.

When IPL first began, its broadcasting rights were secured by two companies, viz, World Sport Group from Singapore and Sony Entertainment Television from India. Following a court battle over some issues Sony Entertainment Television was made to pay Rs. 87 billion for 10 years.  Recently IPL vice president Lalit Modi disclosed that YouTube would broadcast IPL 2010.

The IPL has struck a deal with YouTube owner Google. Though the many parts of the deal were not disclosed, it is known that the 60 games will be live broadcasted and shown on YouTube over a period of 45 days. YouTube will have a dedicated link for the IPL ( .Rebroadcast options will be available for the United States only. The deal provides Google with exclusive online rights to broadcast IPL for two years.

The Google-IPL deal will have many benefits to the viewers. Viewers will now be able to choose different camera angles, fast forward, skip and rewind the feed thereby enhancing their viewing experience. Both the companies are expected to split the revenue generated. This deal is likely to give the IPL access to international markets. This deal is also the first of its kind in the cricketing world.

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