Thursday, April 15, 2010

How IPL may affect Olympic Games?

How IPL may affect Olympic Games?

The Indian Premier League initiated by the BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India), is basically a twenty-twenty format cricket competition which made its first appearance in 2008. With a brand value of USD 4.13 billion the IPL is the second largest paid league just after NBA.

In India IPL is one of the most sought after events every year. Though it lasts only for a mere 60 days, its TRP ratings do all the saying about its fan followings. According to recent figures collected by the TAM (Television Audience Measurement) an astounding twenty million people watch the IPL. IPL’s current TRP ratings are around 6.3, which on the TRP scale is excellent. So with such fan following the Olympic Games are sure to be left behind for the 60 days of IPL fever.

Recently the IPL also managed to ink a deal with YouTube, which is currently the most visited website for video streaming over the internet. The deal allows the video giant YouTube to cover the IPL matches and stream them live on their website. This has further expanded the IPL fan base as people from all over the world are able to watch the matches live on the internet. People from all over the world, right from USA to Australia, Africa to Russia have joined the IPL fan base. Such type of media coverage is not held during the Olympics which to a large extent hinders the Olympic following.

Moreover since the IPL is based on a new format, people are excited to watch and experience it, unlike the age old Olympic games. Apart from the new format, Olympics are held every 4 years which further reduces the interest.  So overall it surely seems that the IPL has had an effect on Olympic Games.

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